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Souvenaid® in the News

In May 2010, research on Souvenaid® was highlighted in a symposium at Massachusetts Institute of Technology which included leading neuroscience researchers.


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A Novel Nutritional Approach to Memory Loss

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    About Souvenaid®
    Souvenaid® is a unique nutritional approach providing key nutrients to help support memory in aging adults. Souvenaid contains FortasynConnect, a patented combination of nutrients which includes omega-3 fatty acids, choline, uridine monophosphate and a mixture of antioxidants and B vitamins. The product is not yet available for purchase as it is being further researched and developed.

    Souvenaid has ten years of preclinical and clinical research behind it into the effects of nutrition on brain health. It was developed in collaboration with leading academic and scientific institutions.

    Souvenaid® is not currently available for purchase. To be among the first to know when more detailed information is available, please register here.

    Upcoming Clinical Trials: There are currently multiple ongoing clinical trials studying the effects of Souvenaid® in memory and cognition in the US and Europe. This includes a 6-month trial being conducted in over 35 sites across the United States. Enrollment is complete for the current US study.

    About Nutricia
    Nutricia is a recognized global leader in specialized nutrition with over 100 nutrition-based products. The company is focused on developing innovative products grounded in science in key areas including GI/Allergy, Metabolics and Neurology. Nutricia seeks to provide a unique portfolio of solutions where nutritional intervention can be beneficial. Products developed by our science teams have long been used to help people who can not eat, who lack specific nutrients or who have special nutritional needs. Working in close partnership with the scientific and healthcare communities, Nutricias reputation continues to grow as an innovator in research and development of advanced medical nutrition.
    * Please note, this website is intended for US residents only. Souvenaid® is currently not available for purchase